Hole Filler Mod

The Hole Filler Mod was created to remove the annoying and tedious task of filling in holes, usually caused by Creeper explosions. However, it can be used pretty much anywhere.

  • In Creative Mode, items are not required in your inventory. Survival Mode however, you will need to own the respective blocks.
  • Mod works best with holes with a diameter of 12 or less. This can be changed in the config file.
  • The Hole Filler will not place any transparent blocks or blocks with a tile entity (stores data/inventory).
  • Filled holes can be undone in 15 seconds by breaking any block placed by the Hole Filler.


This variant will only place dirt. By default, Dirt is not required in your inventory.


This variant will place dirt initially. The filling-block can be changed by shift + right-clicking on any block in the world (excluding exceptions).


This one tries its best to match the filling-block to the surrounding area automatically.

It also has additional features; Preserve Mode, Similar Blocks & One Way Blocks


Will spawn water sources throughout the hole.

Note: It will not place water any higher than the block on which the entity item collided.

Note: It will not work in The Nether.


Will spawn lava sources throughout the hole.

Note: It will not place lava any higher than the block on which the entity item collided.

Note: Only available in Creative Mode. There is no recipe.


Fills a hole/cave with invisible light sources.

It will only place a light source where one is required.

Shift + right click to adjust the target light level (8 - 15).

Consumes 1 Torch to provide 6 light sources.


Extinguishes all light sources created by the Light Hole Filler.

Will return 70% - 100% of the torches initially used to spawn the light sources.

The only Hole Filler that has an instant effect.


Note: All features except "Undo" are disabled/ignored in Creative Mode.


The Undo feature gives you 15 seconds to break any block placed by the Hole Filler, resulting in the hole being re-emptied and all your blocks returned to your inventory.

Shulker Support

Instead of filling your inventory with the neccessary resources to fill a hole.

You could also fill a Shulker Box.

Simply rename the Shulker Box by placing two periods (..) at the beginning of its name.

For example; "Cobble Storage" chevron_right "..Cobble Storage"

Now the Hole Filler will extract from the Shuler Box.

Preserve Mode

Preserve Mode is used as a means to save your more precious resources.

When enabled, the Smart Hole Filler will only place the "correct" block if it is considered to be on the surface.

Otherwise a Preserve-Filling-Block is used. By default it is Cobblestone. This can be changed to Dirt or Stone in the config.



Similar Blocks

Sometimes the Smart Hole Filler wants to place a specific block that you may not have in your inventory.

To combat this, there is Similar Blocks.

For example; if the Smart Hole Filler wants to place Granite and you have none, it will instead search your inventory for a similar block, such as Stone, Cobblestone, Andesite and place that instead.

Current Similar Blocks;

Stone Cobblestone Granite Andesite Diorite
Grass Dirt
Sand Red Sand
One-Way Blocks

The only difference between this and Similar Blocks, is that they only way.

For example; If the Smart Hole Filler wants to place Bedrock, it will instead place Stone.

However, it will never work in reverse (placing Bedrock when you don't have any Stone in your inventory).

Note: Works with Similar Blocks too, so if you're missing Stone... Bedrock chevron_right Stone chevron_right Cobblestone

Current One-Way Blocks;

Bedrock chevron_right Stone